The Crew

This hospital is populated by these strange folks

The Spin Nurse - our drop-dead gorgeous, funny favourite nurse. Sometimes she can be a bit innocent. Her head spins when confused. Her choice of props and accessories for clothing can be awkward.

The Spin Doctor - formal, serious and cynical MBA but somehow he looks and acts a bit goofy ... like all of them do, anyway.

The CEO - A plain regular black-suit CEO, with eyeglasses. Sometimes he swets a lot for no apparent reason.

 Snake - top adviser to both CEO and the Spin doctor.

BP Spin Doctor: works for the Big Pockets LLC Company but he spends a lot of time in the Hospital looking for something, or just hiding from the press. Sometimes there are clouds over his head and some oil stains appear mysteriously all around him...

 Puppy - One very cute and gullible Dog puppy, most of the time he is very friendly, but has a terrible fear of snakes.

Kitty - another cute baby, sometimes friendly, hates snakes and varies between defending the Puppy and screwing him... after all, a cat does not change his stripes... He manifests a huge mistrust about CEOs and Snakes.

 Patient Tom - permanent patient, always sick, a bit hypochondriac.

 M.D. Stan - shy doctor, with weird hairstyle choices, occasionally mosquitos chase him. Sometimes we wears a banana instead of necktie.

Cleaning Gal: a bit old, a bit fat, this lady is always cleaning the corridor and craving for a smoke. She has a drinking problem and does not know how to keep her sharp mouth shut.

 The Duck - the crew silent partner...