Free Comic Strips for Presentations

Free comic strip library for Power Point presentations

Just use these strips as you see fit, but make sure no changes are made to the original picture (resizing is OK but quality may be lost).

To find a strip about a specific topic make a page search (Ctrl-F in most English browsers) or use the Blog search. If you cannot find the business topic you are looking for contact us.

Topic: Punctuality

If you get late competition can appear from unusual places...

-Sorry Stan, but you where so late that the patient tried to make the surgery by himself...

Topic: Work Benefits

Work With Benefits ...
- Wow! working on Sunday?
- No Hon! Here I can pretend that I'm working and smoking... like in the good old times!

Topic: Negotiation

The strange side-effects of budget cuts.

- ... and concluding: the duck would not be gone if your budget cuts did not affected my meals!

Topic: Motivation

Dialog (Evil Management Tip #6):
- Paint the company motto in the wall!
- But not in Klingon!!
- I could not find out how to write Borg!!

Dialog (Evil Management Tip #2):
- How to get rid of mid/top management folks fast? Offer them a copy of "10 fast hara-kiri techniques". If they don't immediately resign, the motivation will go elsewhere.
- But don't complain if someone attacks you with a Katana!