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Some quality (Spin approved) comics

Savage Chickens

Chickens in Yellow pads. Great for reading in the office while pretending to work!

Pearls before Swine

Crazy, fantastic characters, all too good to be true. This comic is really a Pearl.

The ultimate computer geek comic strip. Impairing my productivity since... I don't know, 1999? Unfortunately there where no new strips for a long time, but since August 2010 they are back! We all missed these friendly characters....

Everybody's favourite cat!


Quote: "A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language."


The best of office paranoia and craziness!

Hagar the Horrible

Just Horrible!

Baby Blues

Even scarier than Hagar... beware the ids of children! Just kidding babies are a wonderful blessing!

Calvin and Hobbes

Philosophy, religion, existence dilemmas and the most profound questions in the Universe... lots of fun!


This is awkward...  and the pictures clog my browser but it's a good read anyway! The Humour within may be a bit too much USA politics for the taste ...

Interesting characters here but the blog seem inactive since 2009... it's a pitty.

Current and aggressive, maybe too much. Clearly this strip is not for everyone's taste! The language is a bit raw, sometime insulting... but it's comments/dialogues are sharper than most journalists out there!

Cute! And fun blog! The main characters are potatoes? Humm... French fries...

Non Sequitur

Non Sequitur is for all the languages, not only latin, (but you can discover what it means here)
Hint: it could be "Comic Strip" in Latin...

Lists or Collections of several Comics

Much more comics!

And more comics.

And some more comics...

(Another) Comic list in alphabetical order.

The 50 Best Free Online Comic Strips You’ve Never Heard Of

A list of comics with some lists of comics. (humor)

Ahhhh ... more comics! 3,604 comics ... and counting!!

Open source culture as seen through comic strips

Open Source Culture - As Seen Through Several Comic Strips - worth to read!